This chart shows the cumulative hours of NPT avoidance for each cement job based on corrections in lab testing and risk reduction by using CSI engineering design and execution review.

How does CSI “Cement Assurance Value Management” save me money?

The entire process is set up to save you money. It is easiest to explain by breaking the process into two direct cost-saving functions.

The first and most obvious is productive time recovery. The process systematically reviews the needs and risks of each cement job faced by your operation and ensures that all potential contributing failure mechanisms are eliminated. This improves your likelihood of success and inherently reduces the macro-cost of a failure as well as associated remedial cement operations. This process also ensures that micro-cost efficiencies, such as laboratory testing completion and optimized compressive strength development, are maintained and incorporated on each operation. An example pulled from a real report demonstrates how the savings are quantified over time.

Click here to see real reports demonstrating the savings.