Lab Testing

CSI Technologies specializes in independent fluid design, cement testing and analysis for clients around the world. With a 28,000 sq ft ISO-certified facility at our disposal, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, guided by the skilled hands of our expertly trained personnel, provides for a high-level evaluation of chemical properties and physical performance of oilfield fluids under a variety of conditions, including high-pressure/high-temperature environments.

Analytical Testing

CSI Technologies provides analytical testing services to support stimulation and completions operations.

Cement Testing

At CSI Technologies, cement testing is conducted according to API RP 10-B2 specifications when applicable.

Custom Testing

Large-scale test setups are custom-built and conducted according to client specifications in our 4,000 sq ft high-bay shop area.

Stimulation Testing

CSI Technologies has full fracture fluid testing and proppant QA/QC capabilities.