Custom Large-Scale Lab Testing

Specialty Testing Capabilities

In addition to conventional laboratory testing, our lab personnel also conduct custom-built, large-scale tests, and we can build large-scale tests upon request, contact us for more information.

Our lab facility includes a 4,000-sq ft high-bay shop area for conducting large-scale tests.

As part of the progression of technology development from small-scale laboratory investigation to field implementation, the large-scale testing is an imperative part of CSI’s dedication to offering advanced cementing solutions.

Simulating field conditions in a controlled environment to better anticipate unforeseen issues and quantify operational success prior to onsite execution guarantees the success and longevity of oilfield cementing solutions. Whether it’s horizontal cementing, annular seal effectiveness, field mixing ability of developmental additives, or hydraulic fracturing proppant capability testing, CSI covers the job.

Our engineering team possesses a vast design knowledge coupled with a conglomeration of field experience that allows us to design and construct fit-for-purpose test equipment. Dedicated data acquisition software continuously monitors input parameters throughout testing, which provides our clients the necessary information to make knowledgeable decisions.

Test Description
Cement seal integrity Cement seal integrity is monitored over time in a custom built casing-by-casing cemented annulus. Temperature and pressure can be applied, and height typically ranges between 4 ft and 20 ft high.
Impact testing Evaluates casing and cement bond after impact. Impact energy applied and seal durability is evaluated using weights over a 4 ft section of bonded casing and cement.
Remedial seal evaluation Evaluates effectiveness of a remedial material to seal a microannulus or channel in a custom built casing-by-casing cemented annulus. Typical setup is 4 ft high.