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Expand your cementing knowledge with specialized training courses offered by CSI Technologies.

Cement Operator Management Training

CSI has spent more than 15 years in the investigation of oil well cementing failures and, as a result, identified a commonality in the root-cause analysis of each investigation: fundamental errors in planning, engineering, material qualification, and/or execution. For each failure, there are "red flags" at different areas along the cement operation lifecycle. Learning to recognize these indicators to avoid cement failures leads to a successful cementing operation.

We are proud to offer client-focused cementing courses designed specifically around identifying “failure-causing” deficiencies at each critical step of the cementing operation.

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Cement Training Classes

Cement School for Operators

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Online Training Class

Cementing in the Marcellus Shale

Designed to offer participants the latest information on the standardization of cement performance, the CSI Technologies Cementing in the Marcellus Shale online course delivers high-quality material describing how to create an adequate cement barrier against gas migration for the life of a well.

Learn from our cement experts in a compact online format delivered in a brief 2-hour session that can be taken at your pace if desired. With more than 45 years of combined personnel experience going into the development of the course, you are sure to receive the information necessary to design and execute a high-performance cement barrier.

And while the research and development that went into this course derives from work performed in the Marcellus Shale play, the cement design and criteria used is applicable in many shale areas.

It is true that a high volume of wells must be drilled in shale plays such as Marcellus for operations to be profitable, and the wells also need to be relatively inexpensive to drill, but there is no need to sacrifice quantity for quality when you use the CSI method to ensure high-quality, high-performance cement jobs.

Good cement barriers don’t have to be expensive to be good—they just have to meet certain criteria to ensure a defensible barrier for the life of a well.

The course outline below offers a preview of the course material. See what we can do for you today and reap the benefits for the life of your well.      

Course Outline

  1. Cementing overview
    1. A general overview for cementing in the Marcellus Shale play
  2. Engineering and design
    1. Phases of a cement job
      1. Design
      2. Engineering
  3. Lab testing
    1. General overview
    2. Specialized lab testing recommendations
  4. Bulk plant
    1. Introductory information
      1. Bulk plant usage
      2. Methods
  5. Field operations
    1. Details recommendations for field work
  6. Conclusion

To register for the online course, please call 281.784.7990.