Bond Log Analysis

Engineers at CSI Technologies provide expert review, analysis, and recommendations on cement evaluation via logs. Their experience and expertise provide focused cementing evaluations to give operators confidence and expert advice on zonal isolation and squeeze options. Conventional CBL logs, segmented logs, attenuation logs, and ultrasonic logs can be evaluated.


At CSI Technologies, primary and remedial cementing receive comprehensive technical support, which includes engineering design and computer modeling to ensure that client requirements are met.

PE Certifications

Revised deepwater regulations now require PE-certified designs for casing and cement programs to confirm well integrity. Our registered professional engineers review cementing programs to assess compliance with regulations for permit to drill applications, P&A operations, completions operations, and permit revisions.

Cementing Design Engineering Review

CSI provides a line-by-line analysis of your engineered cementing program and laboratory results to ensure that the software, testing parameters, and overall basis of design align with actual well conditions by incorporating industry-best practices that are known to correlate with object success. The review includes:

  • Most recent well conditions*
  • Lithology
  • Pore pressure/fracture gradients (planned and confirmed through drilling)
  • Bottomhole static and circulating temperature
  • Circulating density and pressure
  • Mud removal performance and sandoff recommendations
  • Slurry performance acceptance criteria
  • Any other notable concerns

*All information provided by operator will be referenced in the engineering review, it is understood that in some conditions, all variables are not known/confirmed and reasonable industry accepted estimations will be used in their absence.