CSI Services & Areas of Expertise

CSI Technologies will provide a variety of services to provide to our clients the state of the art laboratory analysis as well as expert engineering evaluations in addition to excellent field execution support. All of the services work in concert to provide the best cementing expertise in the industry. CSI Technologies matches the technology to the job requirement and follows appropriate protocols to ensure operators achieve maximum production at the lowest cost possible.

Offshore & Deepwater Cementing

Deepwater well cementing requires highly advanced techniques, a strong engineering approach, and extra attention to every detail of the process. CSI Technologies recognizes the critical relationship between sound engineering design, field-based support, and laboratory testing and validation. Our world-class engineering staff possesses extensive knowledge of the greater Gulf of Mexico area as well as the unique challenges faced by operators who produce and remediate in the region.

Lab services include: Cement Performance Testing, Specialty Testing

Engineering services include: PE Certifications, Engineering Design Review

Field operations support services include: Well-site Operations Experts, Auditing

Conventional & Unconventional Land Cementing

Conventional primary cementing provides zonal isolation and wellbore integrity, which is critical for safety and well productivity over the lifetime of the well. Poor slurry design, inaccurate blending and operational practices may lead to job failure or zonal isolation loss, requiring costly remedial work.

Unconventional cementing operations and slurry design present unique challenges. CSI provides technical support to ensure optimal cement performance.

  • Lab services include
    • Cement Performance Testing
    • Specialty Testing
  • Engineering services include
    • Engineering Design Review
    • Modeling/Simulation
  • Field operations support services include:
    • Well-site Operations Experts
    • Auditing