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Cementing Process Control Improves Ops in Most Productive US Play

June 16, 2017

CSI Technologies, a Wild Well Control company, developed a proprietary standardized process of engineering oversight and operations control to improve cementing jobs while lowering costs for operators in shale plays. The project, carried out in the Permian Basin, resulted in a cost savings in cementing materials alone.

CSI Develops Innovative Resin Compound for Downhole Conditions

July 8, 2016

Wild Well Control's ControlSEALâ„¢, an innovative resin compound developed by CSI Technologies, continues to outperform conventional cement in the harshest of downhole conditions.

How does CSI “Cement Assurance Value Management” save me money?

June 23, 2016

The entire process is set up to save you money. It is easiest to explain by breaking the process into two direct cost-saving functions.

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